weed2Hayling Island is a holiday destination and having well kept grass verges and roads and paths free of weeks is essential to maintain the attractive location of Hayling Island for not just residents but also to holidaymakers.

However, the Conservative administration failed to enforce weed control during the summer of 2017 in either Havant or on Hayling Island, leaving the roads and paths in having looking untidy.

UKIP have done their utmost to ensure that weed control and grass cutting is maintained at an acceptable level. 

eu flagsOn 23 June 2016, the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum took place and 17.4 million voted to leave the European Union. This 17.4 million was the largest winning vote in any election in the UK’s history.

On 22 September 2017, 15 months later in Florence, Theresa May of the Conservatives proposed a five-year transition period with the UK effectively remaining in the EU until 2021.

jphbcflagEU Membership Debate: In April 2016, Councillor John Perry raised a motion for a debate on EU membership in the Full Council Meeting. However, the Conservative Councillors struck out the motion to deny residents the opportunity to see or read about the debate.

EU Flag Flying Debate: The EU Flag is flown at Havant Borough Council's mayor-making ceremony and Councillor John Perry raised a motion in October 2016 requiring the council to no longer display it to respect the 62.4% majority vote in Havant to leave the European Union.

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