2017 08 - Hayling Island and Havant Bottle Banks

havantbottles1sDuring the summer of 2017, bottle banks across the Havant Borough were neither emptied regularly nor were they secured appropriately.

Instead of the regular emptying of bottle banks, it was left to residents to telephone the Council to have them emptied.

The photograph on the left shows a Hayling Island bottle bank that was overflowing.

Cllr Perry brought the issue of the failure to empty bottle banks in full Council on 20 September 2017.

Hopefully the improvements in the regular emptying of bottle banks will remain..

havantbottles2sWhile the bottle bank on Hayling Island was secured, the bottle bank in the Wickes/Aldi car park in Havant was neither a proper bottle bank nor secured.

On 20 September 2017, Cllr Perry noted that the lid was not locked and this would allow the easy removal of bottles that could have been used for anti-social purposes.

Cllr Perry was disappointed that the cabinet lead for Neighbourhood Quality was not concerned.

Cllr Perry continued to pursue the storage of bottles in safe bottle banks and also their prompt emptying.