There are many series issues with the Withdrawal Agreement (WA) that Labour and the Tories are not telling you.  The  WA is Brexit in Name Only; the EU would maintain significant control over the UK after "Brexit"; UK law would be replaced by union Law; the Transition period could be extended to at least 2023, 7 years after the EU Referendum; the EU would maintain control over citizens rights; our national security would be put in jeopardy; UK trade will be damaged; there would be ongoing continuing payments to the EU; and finally there would be no help to our fishing industry.

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jphustingsCould I thank the Hayling Island Residents Association (HIRA) for organising the Hustings this evening and the United Reform Church (URC) on Hayling Island for allowing the Hayling Island Hustings to take place this evening on 25 April 2018.

Hayling Island residents came up with some very interesting questions on Hayling island's Infrastructure, the 2036 Local Plan, Beach Huts, Dog poo, and human waste deposited by Southern Water into our local harbour.

My full speech is below:

In my last Councillor Report for the 2014-18 period that I was elected for, I note my main concerns:

Hayling Islander Report by John Perry

2018 03 00   HI Report

  • The 2,000+ new houses to be built on Hayling Island and the 25% increase in people and traffic.
  • The funding cuts by the Conservatives to Hayling Island and Havant Schools.
  • The 'wrong' and unfair student grant system that has extortionate interest rates.
  • My opposition to the hike in Council Tax for the Borough of Havant residents.
  • My support for Lidl and the benefits of quality cheap food.

I also thank Hayling Island residents for electing me as their councillor for the past four years.

Please click on the image to read the full report.

ParkingP1sThe front page of the Portsmouth News dated 9 February reports of the secret £25,000 target of parking charge notices that the parking wardens should achieve.

It has always been our opinion that Parking Wardens should be there to facilitate the smooth flowing of traffic and to only issue tickets for flagrant violations of parking regulations. It is unacceptable to incentivise parking wardens to issue as many tickets as possible.

This report should not be seen as a criticism of council officers as it is they that have to implement the parking charge quota that is set by the Conservative councillors.

Please go HERE or click on the image to see the full page 1 of The News. The story was also published online HERE.

At the 21 February 2018 Full Council meeting, the Conservatives announced a 5.63% rise in Council Tax for all residents in Havant, St Faiths, Emsworth, Bedhampton, Purbrook, West Leigh, Leigh Park and on Hayling Island.  The increase was determined as below:
 jpplaza3.14% Hampshire County Council - Basic
 64.0% Hampshire County Council - Adult Social Care
  7.25% Hampshire County Council - Police and Crime Commissioner
  2.98% Hampshire County Council - Fire and Rescue
  6.00% Hampshire County Council - OVERALL
  2.99% Havant Borough Council
  5.63% Havant resident increase
You may read or hear my Budget reply speech that was recorded in the Havant Borough Council Chamber on 21 February 2016.

jpparkingsOne Conservative policy that we find unacceptable, is allowing organisations to bill residents massive charges for minor administrative errors.  

Examples of unacceptable policies are:

Litter: the charging of Havant residents £75 charges for dropping a cigarette butt or allowing a piece of litter to accidentally fall out of your pocket.

Car parking: Issuing huge charges for minor administrative errors in either public or private car parks.

As a councillor, John Perry has helped 15 people recover over £1,500 of unfair charges; the individuals had initially appealed and had their appeal refused..

dogpooHavant residents may not be aware that Havant Borough Council is not responsible for emptying all the litter and dog-poo bins in Havant.

Cllr John Davis investigated the overflowing dog-poo bin in Calshot Road, Warren Park and found it was the responsibility of Portsmouth City Council.

Following Cllr John Davis's involvement, this bin will be emptied every Monday, so our residents should not see it in this state again.

All UKIP councillors are committed to keeping our borough clean and tidy and we welcome reports for where we can help.

malcCouncillors are normally only responsible for residents in the wards in which they are elected.

However, when councillors from the ruling party in Havant do not help their residents, UKIP councillors will step in to help.

A large triangle of grass was not being regularly cut and despite residents asking their Conservative councillors for help, none was forthcoming so they made a plea to UKIP Cllr Malc carpenter.

Cllr Malc Carpenter then determined the ownership of the grass in the St Faiths ward and arranged for the owners to have it cut regularly.

As with parking fines; UKIP help people wherever they may be.

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