Below is John Redwood’s letter of 10 May 2019 to the Attorney General about the delay Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.  It seems the Government is having difficulties replying to this

John Redwood is one of the few Conservatives that believes in delivering the Brexit that the country voted for.

Readers should be aware that Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement is a Treaty between the UK and EU and if implemented, it would be worse than remaining in the EU.

The full letter is worth a read.

UKIP have always been fully committed to a clean BREXIT, unlike our current standing Havant Conservative MP who voted for and vigorously campaigned for REMAIN. 

Conservative Party July 2018 Statement

The Conservative Party Chequers Statement of 6 July 2018 and the following White Paper commits Britain to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice on trade matters as the UK would effectively remain in the Single Market and Customs Union from March 2019.  Free Movement of EU people into the UK would continue albeit under a different name.  Theresa May's proposals are neither in compliance with the EU Referendum result and neither do they meet UKIP's objectives.

If you keep voting Conservative in Havant, you will be supporting the REMAIN objectives of the Conservatives who are attempting to thwart BREXIT.

UKIP's criteria for BREXIT are that we meet these six tests: