Welcome to the UKIP Havant web site. 

Our Elections page gives information on our election priorities and what we see as the main priorities for Havant. 

Our Committee page shows who are on the UKIP Havant Committee.  New committee members are always welcome, particularly people who have ideas on how to enhance our party.

Our Policy page gives a summary of UKIP policy; if you like our policy, would you consider joining us?

The News page contains articles of what UKIP have done for the people in Havant and our opinion on local and national matters.

Our Councillors page has details of our current and previous Councillors together with Council and UKIP contact details.

If you wish to Contact the UKIP Havant Branch, please fill in the contact page.

The Brexit page gives our position on the current state of the Brexit negotiations.

Our Parliamentary Candidate's website is at https://johnperry.org.uk and our UKIP County website is at https://ukiphampshire.org.uk.


UKIP Havant Social Meetings are scheduled for: 7 March 2019 at 6:30pm if eating or 7pm if not eating at the venue in the member invite email.  If the date is here 48 hours before the event is due to take place, the event is definitely on.  If you are a member, feel free to bring along non-members; we will be wearing UKIP lapel badges or something similar.

Thinking of joining UKIP?  Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.