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UKIP in Havant


Here are examples of UKIP councillors working for you in Havant.

May's Tory Florence Brexit speech proposes a 5-year transition period, not what Havant voted for. (Sep 2017)

On 23 June 2016, the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum took place and 17.4 million voted to leave the European Union.  This 17.4 million was the largest winning vote in an election in the UK’s history.

On 22 September 2017, 15 months later in Florence, Theresa May of the Conservatives proposed a five-year transition period with the UK effectively remaining in the EU until 2021.

It is UKIP Havant’s position that Theresa May and the Conservatives have wilfully betrayed the British people again, including Havant residents, by failing to implement the EU Referendum commitment.

We call upon the Conservatives to repeal the European Communities Act 1972 and exit the EU immediately and trade under WTO rules while extricating ourselves from the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

The £10bns of savings realised by exiting the EU could be used to properly fund the NHS and better fund our armed forces and emergency services.

UKIP Havant have issued a press release, see link on the right:

Read our press release here


UKIP's success in having unfair car parking charges reimbursed for all residents at Havant Health Centre (Ongoing)

Cllr John Perry has been working with the Havant Health Centre to get unfair Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) cancelled and residents refunded.

To date, Cllr John Perry has had over £1,500 of unfair car parking charges refunded to residents across the Havant Borough from Hayling East in the south to Cowplain in the North, and not forgetting a lady in Leigh Park who had two penalty charge notices of £233 refunded.

UKIP as a party is committed to fairness and reasonableness and our four councillors in Havant do all we can to help our residents.

UKIP's success in having dog-poo bins regularly emptied (Sep 2017)


Havant residents may not be aware that Havant Borough Council is not responsible for emptying all litter and dog-poo bins in Havant.

Cllr John Davis investigated the overflowing dog-poo bin in Calshot Road, Warren Park and found it was the responsibility of Portsmouth City Council.

Following Cllr John Davis's involvement, this bin will be emptied every Monday, so our residents should not see it in this state again.

All UKIP councillors are committed to keeping our borough clean and tidy and we welcome reports for where we can help.

UKIP's success in having grass cut (Aug 2017)


Councillors are normally responsible for residents in the wards in which they are elected.

However, when councillors from the ruling party in Havant do not help their residents, UKIP councillors will step in to help.

A large triangle of grass was not being regularly cut and despite residents asking their Conservative councillors for help, none was forthcoming so they made a plea to UKIP Cllr Malc carpenter.

Cllr Malc Carpenter then determined the ownership of the grass in the St Faiths ward and arranged for the owners to have it cut regularly.


UKIP demands that the regular control of weeds is restored across Havant Borough (Aug 2017)

All UKIP Councillors across Havant have noted that the control of weeds on pavements and in the highways appears to have been suspended during 2017 with swathes of weeds covering pavements and gutters.

In areas of Hayling East, particularly in Nutbourne Road, the weeds are so rampant that determining where the pavement ends and the road starts is difficult and this creates a safety hazard for our residents.

UKIP have insisted that the Conservatives reintroduce effective weed control to kill the weeds before they germinate in summer months.


UKIP Campaigning to have Council Bottle Banks made secure and regularly emptied (Aug 2017)

Bottle banks across the Havant Borough have neither been emptied regularly and neither are the bottle banks secured appropriately.

Cllr John Perry is working to persuade the Conservative cabinet to have our bottle banked secured and emptied on a regular basis.

Currently the bottle banks are a health and safety hazard.

The issue was brought up in the Council Meeting on 20 September 2017


UKIP fighting against unfair parking charge notices at Havant Health Centre (Jan 2017)

Cllr John Perry has been working with the Havant Health Centre to get unfair Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) cancelled and residents refunded.

To date, John Perry has had £236 reimbursed for one disabled pensioner and is progressing Joe Slack's unfair charge.

John has also has inappropriate car parking charges reimbursed for five other people.

If you are a driver with a disabled badge and have had a PCN at the Havant Health Centre, please contact Cllr John Perry at john.perry@havant.gov.uk and he will do his best to help.

This offer of help is not just restricted to John's Hayling east ward, but to the whole of Havant. John is also working on getting the process changed.


UKIP in Havant do not support the Local Plan Housing Statement (Dec 2016)

In 2010, prior to UKIP having any councillors, John Perry was on the Save Hayling committee that was committed to save the Island from mass housing development without there being any infrastructure improvements. Development has continued unabated on the Island with the roads, schools and medical facilities at capacity.

The Conservatives are committed to building over 250,000 house a year to support their mass immigration of 2 million people into the UK over three years. The outcome is that Havant Borough Council will have to allow at least 11,000 (more likely 15,000) extra houses to be built of which 1,500 will be on Hayling Island.

UKIP's position of the Local Plan Housing Statement is that:

  • We fully support new houses for local people.
  • Infrastructure must be in place before any houses are built
  • Houses should primarily be for local people (not the £585,0000+ estates being built).
  • Development should focus on brown-field and not green field sites
  • At least 40% affordable homes should be built
  • Havant Conservatives should convince their leaders that building should be in other local authorities where they have more land.


Click links below:

Cllr John Perry speech in Cabinet in November 2016

Cllr John Perry's speech in Council in December 2016 when UKIP rejected the Local Plan Housing Statement.

£600,000 to £1,000,000 homes in Havant that Alan Mak MP supports that are unaffordable to Havant residents having average annual salary of £22,000

Havant Conservatives confirm they support their MP to REMAIN in the EU by keeping the EU Flag Flying (Nov 2016)

In April 2016 UKIP Councillors called for a debate on EU membership in the Full Council Meeting. However, the Conservative Councillors struck out the motion to deny residents the opportunity to see or read about the debate.

The EU Flag is flown at Havant Borough Council's mayor-making ceremony and the motion raised in October 2016 demanded the council no longer display it in respect of the 62.4% majority leave vote by its residents.

Councillor John Perry, of the Hayling East ward, Hampshire, put forward the request, which was supported by his Havant UKIP councillors John Davis, Malc Carpenter and Gary Kerrin.

But ALL the remaining 29 councillors attending the meeting at the council's office in Havant voted against the motion, with none abstaining.

This is covered in the press:

Daily Express and Portsmouth News

The refusal to debate the UK's membership of the EU and the effect it has on Havant together with Havant Conservative councillors supporting the flying of the EU Flag reaffirms that Conservative councillors agree with their MP Alan Mak in support of the UK REMAINing in the EU.


Cllr John Perry's Hayling Islander Report (Nov 2016)

Read Cllr John Perry's full Councillor Report for the Hayling islander Newspaper Nov 2016 edition.

The heading was: "Heavenly Hayling ….. let’s keep it that way."

John focused on: Community grants, blue badge holder parking tickets, local plan, the Hayling Island Amenity Tip, Brexit opportunities and lights on cycles.

Space constraints led to some editing, but my full report can be found by following the links to the right.

Click below to read Cllr John Perry's full Hayling Islander Councillor Report.

The abridged printed version.

The original submitted version.

Hayling Island Pullingers Site - UKIP Red Carded Planning Application (May 2016)

The planning application to redevelop the old Pullingers Furnishings site by Churchill Retirement Living was originally recommended to have approval GRANTED by Havant Borough Council Officers (see link on right).

Your Hayling Island UKIP councillor red-carded the application to the Development Management Committee (DMC) for a decision as based on resident input and his own views the proposed development was over-intensive; provided inadequate car parking and represented safety issues. I am very pleased that the DMC carefully considered and agreed with Cllr Perry's arguments (see link on right) for refusal and made the decision to REFUSE permission (see link on right).

Churchill Retirement Living then appealed to the Planning Inspectorate and on 5 May 2016, the Planning Inspectorate DISMISSED the appeal.

If UKIP had not red carded the development, the planning application would have been approved as submitted. UKIP will continue to object to developments that they believe are inappropriate across Havant, and will support good developments.


Click links below:

HBC Recommended approval of plans

Cllr John Perry's DMC Speech

22 Dec 2015 - HBC DMC REFUSED planning permission at the DMC

5 May 2016 - Planning Inspectorate Appeal Decision.

Cllr John Perry's Hayling Islander Report (May 2016)

Read Cllr John Perry's full Councillor Report for the Hayling islander Newspaper May 2016 edition.

Space constraints led to some editing, but my full report can be found by following the links to the right.


Click here to read Cllr John Perry's full Hayling Islander Councillor Report. An abridged version is printed.

Click here to see the image
that is referred to

Tory Plans to close our "Hayling Island Tip" (April 2016)

UKIP made Hayling Island residents aware of the Conservative plans to close our Amenity Site at the start of the year, and by April this year, I would have hoped that the Conservative councillors on the Island would have worked behind the scenes to reverse the Tip closure decision but it seems that this has not been the case.

We gave the apolitical "Save The Hayling Tip" campaign the document we had been given and support their campaign and petition, however, we didn't want to be formally associated with the campaign as we believe it would not be appropriate for us to politicise their valuable work. Their site is: https://www.facebook.com/savehaylingstip

However, this did not stop a Conservative local election candidate openly campaigning and collecting signatures with a Tory rosette attached accompanied by a Tory Hayling councillor claiming the Conservatives are trying to save the Tip. Oh the irony, but it is the TORIES THAT ARE CLOSING THE TIP!

My key message to Cllr Frank Pearce is:

"What I asked you to do Frank, on behalf of Hayling's residents is to talk, discuss and negotiate with Cllr Humby and his colleagues to convince them that our Tip is needed - they will either convince you that the tip is not needed and it will close or you will convince them it is needed and it will remain open."

However, Cllr Frank Pearce has not indicated that he is willing to do this, or maybe he too is convinced the Tip is no longer needed.

Recent email communication is on the right.

UKIP candidates Stephen Humphrey (for Hayling West) and Lesley Marsden (for Hayling East) are both fully committed to retaining the Hayling Tip as we believe it IS needed and we will support anyone fighting to achieve this objective. This has been the topic of our discussions for many months now and this led to our flyer being printed with Lesley's help.

Cllr John Perry - Hayling East

Click here for Cllr John Perry's open letter dated 25 April 2016 to Cllr Frank Pearce

Click here for Cllr Frank Pearce's response dated 26 April 2016 and my reply to this response.

Click here for our flyer that we are distributing across the Island opposing the Tories closing our Hayling Island Amenity Tip.

Click here for the HCC
Discussion Document which confirms the Hayling Island Tip is scheduled for closure.

All the links above open in a new window.


Hayling Island Issues (January 2016)

UKIP Havant Councillors are extremely concerned to report that the Tories are considering four options to reduce the number of Household Waste Recycling Centres in Hampshire, of which ALL four options include the closure of the Hayling Island Recycling Centre in Fishery Lane.

The opening hours of the Fishery Lane site were reduced in 2015 and we fear that Tory Plans to close the site will lead to a reduction in recycling; and a risk that waste will be dumped across the Island which would lead to extra cost for Havant Borough Council and ultimately the residents, in collecting and disposing of the dumped waste. The Island’s roads are already extremely busy and the effect of closure would add to the already congested roads.

Hampshire cite the reason for closure as the desire to make cost savings; we contend that it is not only undesirable but also unnecessary to close the Island’s Recycling facilities and that the Hampshire County Councillors in Winchester should encourage their leaders in Westminster to reverse the reallocation of budgets that could result in the closure of the Hayling Island Recycling Centre.

We as a borough, county and country need to re-cycle more, not less!

Click here for

the HCC




Hayling Island Havant Road Speed Limit (December 2015)

In 2014, a consultation was carried out on the speed limit along the main Havant Road. Conservative councillors Frank Pearce and Andrew Lenaghan supported the reduction in the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph. Cllr John Perry opposed the speed limit reduction as there was a 4:1 majority against the change in the speed limit.

Since the speed limit reduction was enforced in 2015, Hayling Island residents have raised a 1,000 signature petition against the 30mph speed limit supported by a poll which also had a 4:1 majority of residents against the new low speed limit.

One of the principles that UKIP councillors follows is to obey the wishes of residents and so our councillors will support the reversal of the speed limit.

We are also against any Conservative plans for a 20mph Island-wide speed limit being introduced with 30mph only on the main arterial roads.

Southern Domestic Abuse Service (SDAS) Havant (September 2015)

The Southern Domestic Abuse Service (SDAS) held their Annual General meeting in Havant on 7 September 2015.

Havant councillors were invited to the AGM; the councillors attending the meeting were the deputy major Beryl Francis and UKIP councillors Gary Kerrin and John Perry.

At the meeting, as well as reviewing the annual accounts, CEO Claire Chatwin and Up2U Business & Development Manager gave the attendees a very interesting and informative talk on the SDAS operation and challenges they face.

After the meeting Cllr Gary Kerrin and Cllr John Perry discussed the event and concluded the organisation performed a very useful and excellent support service to those suffering from and the threat of domestic violence in the Havant and surrounding area.

We appreciated the invite to the AGM, and undertook to promote their good work as much as possible. Contact details for SDAS are on our useful links page.


Mill Hill Primary School Christmas Fete (December 2014)

Cllr Gary Kerrin invited the Mayor of Havant to open the Waterlooville Mill Hill Primary School Christmas Fete.

This annual event is very popular with families and is packed full with children enjoying themselves.

Hayling Island Mengham Fields (November 2014 - October 2015 and ongoing)

It is UKIP National Policy that localism is the right policy to follow and that residents should have the final say on mass housing development in Bedhampton, Hayling Island, Emsworth and the Borough.

Neither Hayling Island nor Havant Borough Council (HBC) wanted the green field development at Mengham Fields to take place, but the Conservative led coalition Government over-ruled HBC and allowed the development to go ahead with conditions.

These conditions should have prevented the development from starting until they had been satisfied but that did not stop the developers as the Conservative led Council over-ruled the Government Inspector and failed to enforce the conditions.

Cllr John Perry spoke at the HBC Development Management Control Committee on behalf of the residents for 25 minutes against the higher density plans (than the Government Inspector allowed) but his speech was ignored and the plans approved without proper debate.

Following from local resident pressure and support from Cllr John Perry, improvements to the site infrastructure have been agreed and relations with the developer are now good.

We need more UKIP councillors to manage the Borough more fairly and more UKIP MPs to introduce UKIP's local referendum policy.

Hayling Island
Mengham Fields

Conservative run HBC allowed this development to proceed without Government Inspector conditions being met. UKIP Cllr John Perry strongly opposed this approach.

Waterlooville Police Meeting (October 2014)

The Police Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNT) provide a much needed and welcome service to all residents not just in Havant, but across the country. Councillors are often invited to meet the Police SNT teams to share information, plans and policing priorities.

Waterlooville Police invited local councillors to one of their regular communication meetings and only UKIP Councillor Gary Kerrin turned up.

Waterlooville Pond (September 2014)

Cllr Gary Kerrin was contacted by local residents of Stakes ward about the condition of the balancing pond between Shaftesbury Avenue and Elizabeth Road. The complaint was about uncut grass, a fly infestation, unattractive algae growing in the pond and a bad smell around the whole area.

The effect of the lack of maintenance was to ruin an attractive local picnic area and a popular dog walking site. Local residents had received no response to their complaints to the local water board (Southern Water).

Local residents contacted Gary who contacted Southern Water to explain the situation and shortly after Southern Water sent a team of men to the balancing bond where they rectified the situation and restored the pond to its former glory.

Local residents have thanked Gary who in turn has thanked Southern Water for the improvements that they have carried out.

Please see the before and after photographs on the right to see the improvement; there have not been swans or ducks there for over six years.

Disabled Driver Parking Fine Appeal (August 2014)

On 22 May 2014 John Perry was asked by a resident for help with his parking fine appeal and he said "I am not a councillor, but if I am elected, contact me and I'll do what I can to help".

In July 2014 Mr Campbell contacted Cllr John Perry who visited him at his home and examined his records; he then examined the records of the offence at the Havant Borough Council offices and concluded that Mr Campbell had been wrongly fined. Cllr John Perry then tried to get the dismissed appeal revisited, but the request was denied and so UKIP Havant Branch paid the fine. This incident was reported in the Portsmouth Evening news and elsewhere:

14 August 2014 - UKIP pays fine to end misery for pensioner

28 August 2014 - Parking fine is overturned for Hayling disabled driver

Since the incident, Cllr John Perry has tried to determine whether the error on HBC's part was due to over-zealous enforcement or an incorrect policy, but his attempts to speak to Council Officers and the Conservative Cabinet Lead have been repeatedly denied.

Hayling Hero (July 2014)

We would like to devote this short article to Trevor Perry (not related to Cllr John Perry) who performed a very brave act in 22 May 2014, in swimming out 200m into treacherous currents to rescue and save a young boy and girl who had been swept out to sea and would surely have drowned had Trevor not performed his brave act. This good news story is well documented on the Portsmouth Evening news web site on:

31 July 2014 - Grandfather hailed a hero for rescuing children from sea at Hayling

6 November 2014 - Signs to go up in Hayling where girl almost drowned

Trevor contacted me after the incident and after we contacted Havant Borough Council and Hampshire County Council (HCC), and had new warning signs erected. Thank you HCC.

UKIP Local Election Win (May 2013)

On 22 May 2014, the Local and European elections took place and in Havant Gary Kerrin was elected first for Stakes, followed by John Perry for Hayling East. We were both honoured and humbled to have been chosen by our voters and we are committed to serving the residents in our wards to the best of our abilities.

This web page identifies some of our achievements. The election was reported in the Portsmouth Evening News here and we were featured on the front page of the printed paper; by clicking on the image on the right you will see a larger image.

We both wish to express our appreciation to everyone who voted for us.

Car Parking Charges on Hayling Island (April 2013)

In 2013 the Conservatives at Havant Borough Council implemented a 42% increase in car parking charges across the Borough and proposed to 'tax the sick' by implementing car parking charges at the Hayling Island Health Centre. A local resident and John Perry initiated a petition to raise 4,500 signatures against the proposals that were debated in Council.

UKIP policy is that UKIP councillors must follow residents wishes, somewhat different to Conservative policy. Please click on the image on the right to see Conservative Councillor opinion or click here to hear it.

As a direct result of this campaign, the increase in car parking charges was partially reversed.

Thinking of joining UKIP? please contact membership@ukiphavant.org.uk

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