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UKIP Havant 2016/7 Elections


General Election 8 Junes 2017

Please see John Perry's website here: www.johnperry.org.uk

"If you want CHANGE, change your way of VOTING and vote UKIP on 8 June 2017".

UKIP Havant Local Election Success - 5 May 2016

For the 2016 Local Election campaign we identified:

  1. All UKIP Havant local election candidates are opposed to the Conservatives cutting council services while at the same time hiking Council Tax for Havant Residents by 3.2%.
  2. Havant has some wards that are classified as some of the most income and health deprived areas in the country and we believe it is wrong to increase Council Tax by so much while people are struggling to live with little or no wage increases, increasing job insecurity and zero-hours contracts.
  3. We also object to intended mass house building planned to take place in the Havant Borough within Bedhampton and the Havant-Emsworth gap and further green field development on Hayling Island to met the Conservative's target of a minimum of 500 new house builds every year.
  4. UKIP want a fairer Britain with more care and compassion towards the less fortunate; it should NOT be all about profit for private companies.

We now note that the Conservative plans for thousands of extra houses on green field sites has been made public here.

Welcome to our new councillors and their election pledges:


Battins - Malc Carpenter

Malc has lived in Battins since the early 1970s; he is now retired and wanting to help his local community, he volunteers at Cops 'n Coffee and Age Concern.

If elected, Malc will apply the UKIP principles of honesty and Integrity to local government and address issues which affect residents of Battins.

Malc particularly wants to focus on the young, old and disabled.

You may contact Malc on: malc.carpenter@ukiphavant.org.uk



Warren Park - John Davis

For the past 38 years John has lived in Havant; John and his wife have two grown up children who both attended local schools.

John served in the Royal Navy, joining as an apprentice and reached the position of Chief Petty Officer. After leaving the Royal Navy John worked in the Tampax factory within Leigh Park for 20 years and is dedicated to ensuring the Borough's prosperity.

You may contact John on: john.davis@ukiphavant.org.uk

John Davis

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