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UKIP Havant Committee


Cllr John Perry - Chairman

Currently John is a UKIP councillor for Hayling East. He is married, lives with his wife and has two grown up children. For the last 35 years John has lived in the Leigh Park, Bedhamption, North Hayling and South Hayling areas of the Havant Constituency.

John is a local Havant resident and after graduating at the University of Southampton in Electronics, he worked as an electronics engineer and then after three years, changed careers and trained to become an accountant in the music and entertainment industry.

In 1979, John accepted a job in Havant and moved here. He was an accountant at a computer equipment manufacturing plant and stayed with the same company for over 30 years spending time in central finance, internal audit, and mergers and acquisitions.

Since retiring early, John has been keen to give back to the community, he has been involved with local issues and as a passionate believer in UKIP policies, John will do his utmost for the people of Havant and the UK.

You may contact John on: john.perry@ukiphavant.org.uk



Cllr John Davis - Treasurer

For the past 38 years John has lived in Emsworth on the border of St Faiths and Emsworth; John and his wife have two grown up children who both attended local schools.

John served in the Royal Navy, joining as an apprentice and reached the position of Chief Petty Officer. After leaving the Royal Navy John worked in the Tampax factory within Leigh Park for 20 years and is dedicated to ensuring the Borough's prosperity.

Being a member of the Slipper Sailing Club, Rowlands Castle Painting Society and Emsworth Art Group gets John involved with local groups and has helped improve his understanding of the issues of the Borough.

You may contact John on: john.davis@ukiphavant.org.uk


John Davis

Cllr Gary Kerrin - Vice-chairman

Currently living in Stakes, Gary is a UKIP councillor for Stakes and is married and lives with his wife and three children.

Gary works for a local drainage company and has lived in the Havant Borough for over 25 years where he attended school and has spend most of his life.

Being a local man, and having worked in Havant, Hayling and Leigh Park, Gary cares passionately about the future of our Borough as well as our country, for not just his wife, his children and himself, but also for you and your children too.

It is Gary's view that the Westminster elite is out of touch with ordinary people and that the only way to change this is to elect more UKIP MPs and UKIP local and county councillors.

Gary has been a UKIP election candidate since 2008 and is driven to improve our local community and serve you and make Havant a better place to live, work or learn.

You may contact Gary on: gary.kerrin@ukiphavant.org.uk



Cllr Malc Carpenter - Membership Secretary

Malc has lived in Battins since the early 1970s; he is now retired and wanting to help his local community, he has volunteered at Cops 'n Coffee and Age Concern.

If elected, Malc will apply the UKIP principles of honesty and Integrity to local government and address issues which affect residents of Battins.

Malc particularly wants to focus on the young, old and disabled.


You may contact Malcolm on: malc.carpenter@ukiphavant.org.uk

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