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Alan Mak Scrutiny


Further relevations of misleading statements

Spirepoint Global Limited

Spirepoint Global Limited claim on their Corporate Group web site (see to the right):

"We provide strategic advice and growth capital to some of the world's most successful and exciting organisations and entrepreneurs"

This could reasonably be interpreted to mean that Spirepoint Global Limited is a group of companies with world-wide interests with access to significant growth capital funding.

The company submitted their first year accounts (see FileLink) in December 2015, (although they could have been submitted before the 2015 General Election) and these identified that Spirepoint Global Limited:

  1. Is not in a group of companies.
  2. There is no evidence of any growth capital investments.
  3. The value of the company at 31 March 2015 was just £13,769.
  4. Statements made on the company web site are not consistent with the facts.

This has been reported by the Political Scrapbook here.

Fitzgerald Partners Limited

The company submitted their first year accounts (see FileLink) in December 2015, (although they could have been submitted before the 2015 General Election) and these identified that for Fitzgerald Partners Limited:

  1. The value of the company at 31 March 2015 was just £854, of which the value attributable to Alan Mak was £427.
  2. Alan Mak resigned as a director from the company shortly after the 2015 General Election although he remains a 50% owner of the company.
  3. The state of the accounts are inconsistent with the statement on Alan Mak's Conservative Party candidate CV "started and now run my own successful business...".

The accounts were filed at Companies House on 17 December 2015.

Havant Conservatives Candidate Selection

The Havant Conservative Party introduced an interesting selection procedure for selecting their candidate in the Havant Constituency. Whereas the procedure in UKIP is that UKIP members select their candidate, the Conservatives decided that the residents within the community should choose their candidate in an Open Primary that was open to everyone in the constituency, even including members of opposition parties.

Approximately 100 Conservative members applied to be the candidate and a short list of 12 was identified and following a thorough investigation of all 12 by the Havant Conservatives, a short list of four was identified for the Open Primary. This process was reported on 30 September 2014 (see WebLink or see FileLink) and again on 20 October 2014 by the Portsmouth News (see WebLink or see FileLink). The four candidates for the Open Primary were: Chris Hayward, Alan Mak, Michael McManus and Charlotte Vere. The Havant Conservative Association Open Primary was held on Saturday 25 October 2014 and Alan Mak (see Weblink or see FileLink) was announced as the winner in the Portsmouth News.

During the Open Primary, where any Havant Constituency resident had the opportunity to vote, Alan Mak's CV (see FileLink) was distributed to help allow the Havant Residents to make an informed decision on whom to elect.

Alan Mak's CV contained a number of false statements and it is scrutinised here on the link below:

Please click: Alan Mak Candidate CV Analysis

Questions Havant Conservatives need to answer

These questions need to be answered by Cllr Fairhurst, the Chairman of Havant Conservatives:

  1. Bearing in mind the number of significant false claims on Alan Mak’s Conservative Party Approved Candidate CV”, could Havant Conservatives state whether or not they were instructed by CCHQ to approve Alan Mak’s CV without due diligence?
  2. Could Havant Conservatives confirm whether or not they conducted any due diligence on Alan Mak’s CV, and if they did, could they explain why they failed to find any of the significant false claims?
  3. Bearing in mind the false claims on Alan Mak’s CV, do Havant Conservatives believe that they allowed Havant Residents to be misled when the residents selected Alan Mak as their candidate in the Open Primary?
  4. Could Havant Conservatives consider re-running the candidate selection procedure for their Havant Consistency candidate for the 2020 General Election?
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