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Welcome to UKIP Havant


UKIP Oppose the Conservative increase in Council Tax in Full Council 21 Feb 2018

Effective April 2018, the Council Tax rise for Havant residents will be 5.63%, double the rate of inflation. This rise is due to these increases:

3.14% Hampshire County Council - Basic
64.0% Hampshire County Council - Adult Social Care
7.25% Hampshire County Council - Police and Crime Commissioner
2.98% Hampshire County Council - Fire and Rescue
6.00% Hampshire County Council - OVERALL
2.99% Havant Borough Council
5.63% Havant resident increase

UKIP opposed the increase in Havant Borough Council Council Tax as we assert the shortfall could be recovered from the estimated balance £500,000 - £1,000,000 due from the Borough of Havant Sport and Leisure Trust.

We also claim an extra £300,000 was spent on IT costs that could have been avoided and that any Vinci contract cancellation costs (magnitude unknown) should have been entirely avoidable.

You may read read Cllr John Perry's Budget response speech here.

In Cllr John Perry's speech, he announced that he was standing down as Group Leader on 1 March 2018 and that Cllr Carpenter would assume that role from that date.

New Chairman for UKIP in Havant

Cllr Malc Carpenter was elected as the new Chairman for UKIP Havant at the AGM on Thursday 23 November 2017. Cllr John Davis remains as Treasurer and Cllr Gary Kerrin is the new Membership Secretary. Cllr John Perry who was the chairman for the past four years stood down at the AGM and will continue with IT and web site support.

23 June 2016, the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum took place and 17.4 million voted to leave the European Union. This 17.

The Conservative Brexit programme is unacceptable

On 23 June 2016, the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum took place and 17.4 million voted to leave the European Union. This 17.4 million was the largest winning vote in an election in the UK’s history.

On 22 September 2017, 15 months later in Florence, Theresa May of the Conservatives proposed a five-year transition period with the UK effectively remaining in the EU until 2021.

186 Conservatives MPs voted Remain (including Havant MP Alan Mak) and 135 voted Leave. In Havant, a majority of 62.4% voted to LEAVE the European Union.

It is UKIP Havant’s position that Theresa May and the Conservatives have wilfully betrayed the British people again, including Havant residents, by failing to implement the EU Referendum commitment.

We call upon the Conservatives to repeal the European Communities Act 1972 and exit the EU immediately and trade under WTO rules while extricating ourselves from the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

The £10bns of savings realised by exiting the EU could be used to properly fund the NHS and better fund our armed forces and emergency services.

Read our full press release to the Portsmouth News here.

UKIP Policies


UKIP has always believed in free NHS treatment to UK citizens at the point of need and use; we believe in a free NHS. We believe that Social Care and Hospital care should come under the same management. Cuts to Social Care have led to bed blocking at QA Hospital and up to 20 ambulances queued up needed to transfer patients who need the beds to be healed.

UKIP recognises the excellent work performed by all doctors and nurses, and we demand the restoration of university grants for UK student nurses which the Conservatives have just converted to loans and which has led to a 25% cut in students applying for nurse training. We believe that the UK should give nurse training opportunities to those in the UK, rather than recruit from abroad.


UKIP is fully committed to ensuring Havant's students are provided with the best possible education to prepare them for their careers be it either skilled trades or a professional career requiring university entry. To achieve these objectives, the schools in Havant need proper funding, which they are not receiving.

The Conservatives believe Havant schools are over-funded and are cutting funding and causing teaching staff to be cut, see SCHOOL CUTS. UKIP believes with only 17% of Havant students going to University, the lowest in the country, that Havant schools need more funding, and not less. What do you think?


UKIP recognises the aspirations of those in Havant and the UK to rent or own their own houses and it is our policy that sufficient houses are built that are affordable for rent or purchase by local Havant residents. We recognise the need for new housing, but in brown-field sites and some limited green-field areas. UKIP opposes the 1,500 extra houses for Hayling Island and at least an extra 11,250 houses across Havant Borough that will require the loss of prime farming land and green pastures where the majority of the houses will be too expensive for local residents.

We believe that the proposed houses on Hayling Island and in Havant are unsustainable primarily for the lack or road, health, cycling and general infrastructure.


With the May 2018 Local Elections approaching, UKIP offers you the opportunity for change. We do not accept the need for the Tories in Hampshire County Council cutting £140 million of services in their 2018/19 budget projection.

UKIP also does not accept the service cuts by the Conservative administration in Havant Borough Council that have led to reduction in grass cutting; the lack of weed control; infrequent bottle bank emptying when residents have had to pay an extra 5% Council Tax in the past year.

"If you want CHANGE, change your way of VOTING and vote UKIP on 3 May 2018 "

About the Havant Constituency

Havant is a town in south east Hampshire situated on the South coast of England, between the cities of Portsmouth and Chichester. It gives its name to the borough comprising the town and the surrounding area. Havant is in the county of Hampshire and the constituency has an electorate of circa 70,000.

The Havant constituency consists of the 11 wards: Barncroft, Battins, Bedhampton, Bondfields, Emsworth, Hayling East, Hayling West, Purbrook, St Faiths, Stakes, and Warren Park. These 11 wards come under Havant Borough Council, who in addition administer the Cowplain, Harts Plain and Waterloo wards that lie in the Meon Valley Constituency.

The current member of parliament for Havant is Alan Mak who was elected at the 2015 General Election amid much controversy. UKIP Havant are proud to have conducted their 2015 election campaign with honesty and integrity while exposing lies. Alan Mak campaigned for and firmly believes the UK must remain in the EU yet 62.4% of Havant residents voted to Leave.

In the 2014 Euro Elections, UKIP received the most votes in both Havant and the South East and the four UKIP MEPs.

Following the 2016 Local Elections, UKIP in Havant congratulate: John Davis for being elected a councillor for Warren Park and also to Malc Carpenter for being elected a councillor for Battins. Both of our new councillors are excited about serving their residents. John Davis and Malc Carpenter joining John Perry and Gary Kerrin who were elected as Havant Councillors making UKIP the Official Opposition Party in Havant.

The UKIP Havant Branch believe in selecting local candidates for both local council, county council and general elections, since local candidates who have lived, worked and learned in the local area are better placed to serve residents.

Web site and all contents Copyright UKIP Havant 2014-17, All rights reserved.

Published and promoted by Malc Carpenter on behalf of UKIP Havant at 2D Bedhampton Way, Havant, PO9 2EH