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Welcome to UKIP Havant


Welcome to 2017

Despite the scare stories from the Remain camp, recent events like the record high of the FTSE100 show that the country has faith and believes in Britain.

However, despite the EU Referendum having taken place over six months ago, the Tories have been dragging their heels and have still not invoked Article 50 for a Clean Brexit. We in UKIP and in Havant fear that Mrs May is set on negotiating a "Dirty Brexit" and so UKIP still have much work to do to ensure we get the Brexit we voted for and we see the future as:

  1. The UK being able to write its own laws and with UK MPs being accountable for them.
  2. A fair immigration policy that will consider all non-UK citizens equally in their desire to live and work in the UK.
  3. Great trading opportunities with the UK being able to strike trade deals with any country to the benefit of UK exporters.
  4. The UK no longer under the control of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and the significant opportunities and help this will give our farmers and fishermen.
  5. The opportunity for reduced energy prices as the EU lose control over our energy generation.
  6. Greater opportunities and rising wages for those on the minimum wage as cut-price labour from eastern Europe is reduced and stopped.
  7. Reduced pressure on the NHS and infrastructure with a lower requirement for mass homebuilding on green fields.
  8. A saving of our EU membership fee of over £350 million per week that we can spend as we deem fit.

County Elections May 2017

The County Elections are coming up in May and we in UKIP are calling for:

  1. Starter homes that are affordable for Havant residents on Havant wages, not the luxury £585k plus developments that have been built.
  2. Halt the Tory cuts to Education. Check your local school here: on this link
  3. No more selling off of school playing fields; they are needed for our children and children's children.
  4. No more Amenity Tip closures or reduced hours as has happened across the Borough and Hayling island in Particular.
  5. Proper funding of Social Care to stop bed blocking and prevent the 20+ ambulances queued up at QA.
  6. A freezing of Council Tax. The Tories increased Council Tax by 4% last year and gave us reduced services.

UKIP has so much more to do in Havant for make the country a fairer place for all.

About the Havant Constituency

Havant is a town in south east Hampshire situated on the South coast of England, between the cities of Portsmouth and Chichester. It gives its name to the borough comprising the town and the surrounding area. Havant is in the county of Hampshire and the constituency has an electorate of circa 70,000.

The Havant constituency consists of the 11 wards: Barncroft, Battins, Bedhampton, Bondfields, Emsworth, Hayling East, Hayling West, Purbrook, St Faiths, Stakes, and Warren Park. These 11 wards come under Havant Borough Council, who in addition administer the Cowplain, Harts Plain and Waterloo wards that lie in the Meon Valley Constituency.

The current member of parliament for Havant is Alan Mak who was elected at the 2015 General Election amid much controversy. UKIP Havant are proud to have conducted their 2015 election campaign with honesty and integrity while exposing lies. Alan Mak campaigned for and firmly believes the UK must remain in the EU yet 62.4% of Havant residents voted to Leave.

In the 2014 Euro Elections, UKIP received the most votes in both Havant and the South East and the four UKIP MEPs.

Following the 2016 Local Elections, UKIP in Havant congratulate: John Davis for being elected a councillor for Warren Park and also to Malc Carpenter for being elected a councillor for Battins. Both of our new councillors are excited about serving their residents. John Davis and Malc Carpenter joining John Perry and Gary Kerrin who were elected as Havant Councillors making UKIP the Official Opposition Party in Havant.

The UKIP Havant Branch believe in selecting local candidates for both local council, county council and general elections, since local candidates who have lived, worked and learned in the local area are better placed to serve residents.

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Published and promoted by John Perry on behalf of UKIP Havant both at 42b St Catherines Road, PO11 0HF